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Microblading, the First Week

I got my eyebrows microbladed and I'm here to tell my tale! I decided to get the procedure done because I like to keep my makeup fairly low maintenance but mostly I wanted to #iwokeuplikethis for real.

My eyebrows have always been sparse and scattered and I relied on pencil to define a shape but since having a baby three month ago, I've been neglecting to pluck them and telling myself it's alright.


What if I one morning I woke up and my eyebrows beautifully framed my face naturally? To run out of the house with just a swipe of lip balm? To never pass a day with one eyebrow darker than the other? That, my friends, was the dream.

So I booked an appointment with Akemi from Lumi Beaute to get the procedure done and by the end of the appointment I couldn't stop telling her how happy I was. My eyebrows... bold and defined? Get out of here. You can tell exactly how excited I was by how much I was yapping in this video.

She took an awesome before and after:

The procedure doesn't hurt once the area has been numbed and if it wears off a bit, it feels like getting your eyebrows threaded (but don't be shy to speak up when it's wearing off, cause I was and it does hurt). 

So the aftercare is very strict on not getting the brows wet so I will be using mostly micellar water on a cotton pad for cleansing and using my skincare products from my cheeks down (not even the forehead as products can migrate downwards). She gave me a special balm to lightly coat my eyebrows with and a cleansing solution to use after 10 days. 

In all honesty, when I got home I wasn't too sure about my decision. They looked so dark and defined... I was wondering where my soft, round and approachable eyebrows were. However, the next morning I woke up feeling 1 step closer to divatude. They still looked heavy but I knew that in a week or two they will heal, fade and settle into a more chocolate colour. 

Day ONE after the procedure

I left the house this day to go see the doctor and wore the biggest sunglasses I own (these beauties here). However, one does not wear sunglasses inside. I managed to grab the attention of a little kid who looked half curious and half scared, mouth agape with drool dribbling down with chin.

Day TWO after the procedure
I was feeling confident enough to go to a friends house for lunch this day. Once I got there, there were more people there than just us. However, I didn't explain my eyebrow situation when they're eyes lingered a second too long on my face... maybe this is how I like to rock my brows. So what?

Day FOUR after the procedure
Finally washed my hair today and it might just be the longest I've gone without washing my hair. As gross as that may sound, my hair wasn't all that bad. Since having Quinn, I usually keep my hair clipped into a bun (postpartum hair loss is a bitch!) so I'm hardly ever touching it which leads to far less greasy hair. My eyebrows have started to get a bit dry and itchy.

One WEEK after the procedure

My eyebrows are starting to flake and get really itchy. It's important not to pick at the flakiness. Zero water and zero picking will result in crisp lines once healed. 3 more days until I can start cleansing my eyebrows but I might wait a bit longer because they only just started scabbing. 

It definitely took a few days for me to get used to them but once the initial anxiety wore off, I am so happy with my decision to get my eyebrows microbladed. The healing process is definitely a lot slower than I imagined it would be but I suppose everyone heals differently. Looking at them today, I decided that during the touch up in 5 weeks, I'll ask Akemi to add a bit of volume at the start of each eyebrow. 

Showering wasn't as hard as I imagined. I just switched my shower head to a low flow setting and draped a towel over my shower door and dabbed my eyebrows if they got too humid. The switch up in my skincare is taking a toll on my face however, mainly my forehead, an area that I never really noticed needed much help until this past week when I had to stop putting face oils and moisturizer on it. 

Stay tuned for another weekly update next week! 
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