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3 Step Mask

I went a little extra this week and gave myself the best at home "facial" ever. It involves a 3 step mask routine, with each step adding its own benefits. Two of the masks were already a part of my arsenal but I had picked up a not very expensive hyaluronic sheet mask this week to add some much needed moisture into my skin. 

Step 1
The Physical Exfoliator
Skin Food's Black Sugar Mask 

This is hands down my favourite scrub I've ever tried. The granules are the perfect size to slough off dead skin without doing damage and I love the consistency of the product. It's not too dry and it's easy to manipulate. Massage the product onto your face to slough off dead skin and promote circulation and leave on for 10-15 minutes. I like to massage this in without water for a few seconds around my nose and forehead them I dampen my hands a bit and continue massaging my entire face so the sugar granules soften up.

The moisturizing benefits to leaving this on as a mask come from ingredients like shea butter and alba seed oil.

While you wait to wash this off, give your hands a scrub too. Waste nothing and benefit everything 😃

Step 2
Clay Mask
Aztec Secret's Indian Healing Clay 

This mask is what dreams are made of! The bentonite clay is negatively charged so when applied topically, it seeks positively charged toxins in your skin and pulls them out. This mask cleans out pores, removes impurities, reduces dark spots and blemishes, lightly exfoliates and so much more.

Since I've been using this mask, I've noticed my pores are clearer and it helped minimize blemishes. My face has been softer and brighter. This mask along with the use of The Ordinary's niacinamide 10% + Zine 1% has chased my milia away which I had around my nose, cheeks and chin for many years.

I mix this with apple cider vinegar to make a paste (go read this post by Lab Muffin on the benefits of using acv over water. Interesting stuff!) and I apply a thick coat of it on my face. Once it's dry, you can feel your face pulsate. I used to find the feeling unbearable and it took some getting used to but it's definitely worth it. To wash it off, I place a warm wash cloth over my face to soften up the mask and then start to gently wipe it off. Don't be alarmed by the sunburnt look of your face! It'll go away. It's just that Bentonite clay magic making your blood circulate.

Step 3
Hydrating Mask
The Solution's Hydrating Face Mask 

This is my first time using this mask. I picked it up because my face has been feeling a little dehydrated and tight lately since the weather has dipped below zero here and the sudden use of heating and lack of hydration in the air at home. I don't often use sheet masks as they can be pricey and I've always found them to sit awkwardly on my face but this one is inexpensive and I found it to have a nice fit and feel on my face.

This mask is very soothing in comparison to the Indian Healing Clay, so it was nice to finish off the 3 step routine with this. I turned on my essential oil diffuser to further relax but also to add some moisture in the air. Since this mask is made with hyaluronic acid, it will pull water from the air and settle it on top of your skin so your skin will absorb it. If there is moisture lacking from the air, it will unfortunately pull the moisture out of your skin to the surface which will lead to dehydrated skin later on so if it's dry at home I highly suggest getting the humidifier or aromatherapy diffuser going.

Once I was done with the mask, I patted down the essence into my skin and applied a thick cream to lock everything in.

I kept a bottle of The Face Shop's Chia Seed Mist near by to give myself a light mist every once in a while for further hydration.

I really recommend following a series of masks like the 3 step routine I outlined above. I have never felt my skin as healthy as this before. The benefits of this routine is also long lasting as I remember in the past I had used wrong products in the wrong ways and although I reaped positive benefits for a day, I only managed to have destroyed my face by the next.

Does anyone have any hydrating masks they swear by? I would love some suggestions!
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