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Microblading, the Second Week

There was a vast change in my feelings towards my new eyebrows during the second week. It's unbelievable how emotionally connected we are to our appearance!

Last Monday my eyebrows started peeling furiously. They were itchy and patchy! I was contemplating the meaning of my life and what makes me do such rash decisions like GETTING MY FACE TATTOOED. On Tuesday, there was more shedding and itchiness and by Wednesday I was allowed to start cleansing my eyebrows.

When I woke up Wednesday, my eyebrows weren't flaky! Most of it had fallen off and I was really starting to see a natural colour and appearance to my eyebrows. I had earlier thought I would hold off on cleansing my eyebrows but after seeing how healed they were, I gave them a wash.

Not bad at all...

I have to tell you, I was warned in advance that they would get dark and flaky and even patchy. It's all a part of the healing process. They're going to actually take until the touch up appointment to be fully healed.

Even though this week started rough, the latter part of the week was so amazing. Not needing to fill in your eyebrows is a task that is pretty damn liberating. It might not be a problem for many but I was always hyperaware of how weak the shape of mine were and it was definitely something that bothered me. For any mommies out there who don't have time to put on makeup but would like a little something to enhance your face, I would definitely 100% recommend getting this procedure done.

I'm already seeing definition of the "lines" she created and every day they're settling into a more natural colour. The touch up appointment is a very important one, as Akemi will fill in, reshape and finalize the look of them.

Stay turned for my 6 week update!
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