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Packing for Cuba

So just like that, another year has come and gone. I remember being so pissed that my parents didn't let me hang out with my friends during the whole Y2K fiasco and now you couldn't drag me out of my pyjamas if my life depended on it. The ridiculously cold weather has been a good cover for me as newspapers have been urging people not to go out unless necessary (thanks guys!). For over a week it's been hitting around -35ºC with the windchill! How is this real life?!

Well, fortunately we get to escape this arctic tundra and head to sunny Cuba in about 3 weeks. It's been a little over a year since we've taken a trip (we went to India last November) and it'll be our first plane ride since having Quinn. We had taken a small road trip with him to Saguenay when he was 2 months old which was challenging only because we had to stop the car so often to nurse but besides that he's a pretty relaxed little guy so I'm not feeling too nervous about this trip.

I'm notorious for packing lightly. I would pack even lighter but I don't want fellow hotel guests to think I'm wearing the same thing everyday (actually...). I hate lugging heavy bags, I hate having a carry-on and I hate struggling with choices. Most of my luggage space will be going to Quinn, so it's ideal for me to bring some lightweight items that can be worn different ways.

Bathing Suit: I realize this is going to be a nursing nightmare, but this is the only bathing suit my post baby body wants to be in.

Poncho: I never thought I'd wear head to toe leopard print but this one is pretty neutral, especially on tan skin tones.

Sandals: I love these sandals so much. Even though the iridescent colour may seem like it's hard to match with clothes, it actually picks up the colour of almost anything. They're my lizard sandals. I love you lizard sandals.

Hat: I have a few baseball caps from Aritzia. They always have such pretty and unique colours in their inventory, like this one.

Oversized shirt: When I bought this, I thought it was a dress so I had bought a really big size so it would be the right length on me. Alas, it's a shirt. Who cares because it makes a great dress!

Backpack: It's the perfect sized bag to bring all of Quinn's beach-y necessities.

Shorts and Skirt: I really like the pretty detail these two pieces have at the waist. They're perfect to wear with a top that is tucked in, or paired with a bathing suit.

Luggage: I've either taken a backpack on my travels or borrowed luggage from my parents. The thing with their luggage is, is that they're enormous (they're sometimes gone for several months!). I decided this year was the time to buy myself luggage. This one can be carry-on but it also expands which is great cause I'll have space to put my winter coat in once I'm checked in.

Flip-flops: I always bring a pair of ON flip flops on every trip. They're inexpensive, comfortable, easy to clean, they're lightweight, they have a bajillion colours and I could go on.

Sunglasses: The fit on Quay's sunglasses are my favourite out of all my sunglasses. They hug my face firmly without giving me a headache and they don't slide off when I get sweaty.

If it seems like everything I'm bringing is neutral toned, it's because I'm hoping that I blend into the sand and they forget me on the beach.

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  1. So exciting that you are going to Cuba! Don't forget to share photos! :))

    1. Will do! Just got the new GoPro to capture it all :) Thank you for visiting! xox