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My Beauty Wishlist

With spring peeking around the corner I've got an itch to revamp my beauty game. Something about the earth making a new rotation around the sun bringing brighter and longer days, I feel the urge to bring out a new me as well. There's a few things that are giving me heart eyes at the moment, some I've tried, some that I've heard good things about and some that just seem too good! 

I go through different emotions with my hair every so often. Once every couple of years, I lose my brain and decide to box dye my hair to horrific results. Last time I did that was 3 years ago, I ended up with candy corn orange hair with the texture of broom bristles. Just as soon as my hair gets back to normal, I'll wonder what my hair would look like in a different colour. I really like to torture myself. 

The majority of time, I don't want to do anything with my hair. Throw it up in a top knot and call it a day. I like to tell myself I need to, otherwise Quinn will rip out whatever hair he's left me with but let's be honest, I've been top knotting since I started having to pay my own bills. 

Once in a while, I'll buy a new haircare product which invigorates the urge to self-care and I'll spend extra time on my hair for a few weeks, using said product, feeling like a VS model. I haven't bought the Olaplex Hair Perfector yet since it's sold out but it's sitting in my cart waiting to be restocked. I'm just waiting on that e-mail baby! 

My friend told me about it when it launched in Sephora and I did some research online. It seems to be magic in a bottle and I need magic hair! I want my top knot to be the most magical top knot known to man! I want to unclip my top knot and shake out my hair while time slows down and the camera pans around me *pinches self*

Dr. Jart+ is a leader in moisturizing right now. All their products have reached cult status and can be found on the skincare shelfies of influencers all around. Their ceramidin oil-balm gets rave reviews but in warmer months, I love, love, love a nice glistening oil because it's so quick to apply and leaves your skin glow-y. 

I currently use and love the original Ouai hair oil and when I saw they have a rose scented hair AND body oil, I was like whaaaaaaaat. I really do my best to not be gross with overconsumption so I didn't purchase it right then and there. It's in the back of my head for when my current oil has run out. 

I want to say that I'm not attracted to this product because of it's super cute millennial pink packaging but who am I kidding? I totally am. Looking deeper into what makes this cute bottle worthy of my love, I saw it's made with pomegranate extract which boosts skin's moisture, elasticity and firmness. The how-to-use guide says to warm up the product by emulsifying before tapping into skin which is curious. What's the texture of this essence? I must have it, I must know! 

I'm currently using Bite's Agave Lip Mask which is the most amazing thing I had ever put on my lips. I didn't think anything was out there that can soften and soothe my lips the way it can. 

I had received a sample of Laneige's Lip Sleeping mask a few weeks go and I looked at my Bite mask and said okay bai! No but seriously, this lip mask by Laneige is really amazing. It's currently sold out at my local Sephora and all my lovely China Town beauty shops but we will shall again. I would love to use Bite's mask at night for an overnight super charged boost of hydration and then Laneige's mask during the day because it's so soft and buttery and has a beautiful sheer finish. 

I pretty must love jelly everything and DE has everyone buzzing like crazy. I haven't purchased anything from their line because I'm currently using The Ordinary's pigmentation regime as my main skincare routine but I'm intrigued by their Beste jelly cleanser. I don't use soapy cleansers often... maybe 3-4 times a month and that's just when I want to use my electric face brush. The Beste jelly cleanser is formulated with cantaloupe fruit extract to help soothe and hydrate skin. What says summer more than a plate of fresh cantaloupe? 

Everyone is talking about Ole Henriksen's new eye cream! I'm currently testing out a sample and so far I'm loving it for the hydration is gives (oh! and the soft delicious scent!). It's packed with vitamin-C to reduce the signs of aging, brighten skin tone and improve under eye makeup application. 

Another hair care product on my list is the beloved Moroccanoil Hair Oil. As I said, I don't like over indulge in consumption but this product is waiting in my cart as well. I would use this on damp hair before heat styling and the Ouai hair oil as a finisher. When I saw that Julia uses this treatment on her hair, I was convinced. She has, hands down, the best hair I've ever seen #goals

This natural and hydrating sunscreen leaves no white caste which is the bane of my easy breezy summer vibes. This also works great as a makeup primer so you're cutting out a lot of layers helping your skin breathe. 

Another cleanser on my list! This one comes from another skincare fanatic favourite, Glow Recipe. It's formulated with blueberry extract with is packed with antioxidants. The addition of AHA's like glycolic and lactic acid also helps slough off dead skin to brighten and sodium hyaluronate to retain moisture. 

I'm not a huge fan of face oils, I tend to take forever to get through them. However, this one by Herbivore is like a sweet kiss from an enchanted forest. I love, love, love the scent of this gorgeously hued oil and it's much "dryer" of an oil than previous ones I've tried. The trick is to use a little because a little goes a long way. 

Another hair product? Well, this one isn't haircare but it's definitely going to help bring me to my hair goals. I tested this out on my hair and loved the instant texture it gave. Clean hair is good hair cause y'know, hygiene but, clean hair also falls flat so with the help of this texturizing spray, you can keep a natural un-done style to your hair effortlessly. Side note: isn't everything from IGK just crazy dreamy? I'm completely in love with their line of products and can't wait to get my hands on this! 

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