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My Search for the Holy Grail of Deodorants has Ended

I was in my late teens when I bought and used my first deodorant. It was a gel type from Secret and I felt so incredibly fancy to be adding a scented product into my self-care routine which only really consisted of the basics plus plucking my eyebrows to death. However, I usually forgot to wear it and I yearned to need it more than I actually did. Classic childhood anecdote or wanting to be "grown up".

As I got older, I still kept a deodorant in my stash for days I wore fabrics that weren't breathable or on the off chance that I wanted my pits to smell like fresh linen. I never actually needed it until I gave birth to Quinn last year and started suffering horribly from night sweats, day sweats and pretty much all-the-time-sweats. It seriously took me by surprise and since first time moms go through a whole lot of change all at once, I never really had much time to think about what was going on. 

As the months rolled by and my hormones started to balance out, things started getting better but never quite the same. I still hadn't caught up with the habit of putting on deodorant every day (sorry friends!) and even though I had been given the advice to put it on right after taking a shower; I really hated the way my deodorants felt (fyi, I've tried many!) so I would often wait to put it on until I forgot about it all together. However, one thing was clear... I will never again be able to go deodorant free without harming someone's nostrils. 

I purchased Fresh's Roll-on Sugar Deodorant/Antiperspirant since I've been really loving their other products lately and felt confident enough in their brand to try this product blindly. I was not disappointed. 

Firstly, antiperspirant is a well documented un-loved product because of studies that theorize aluminum's association with cancer and kidney problems. However, these claims aren't scientifically proven and just add to the list of things I should be wary of in my 30's like eat generic hotdogs and wear my contacts 15 hours a day. I do them anyways, because yolo. 

Also, if you're worried about aluminum plugging up your sweat ducts and preventing toxins from being released, you have nothing to worry about because toxins are filtered through your liver and kidneys and exit the body through urine. 

Fresh's deodorant uses sugar and it's not just for the amazing sweet lemony scent of the product but because sugar is actually a bacteria killing ingredient. Since bacteria can't metabolize the sugar, they'll just starve and die. But, my favourite aspect of this roll-on is that once you apply it and it dries, it is absolutely undetectable. No more sticky armpits and no more powdery stains on your clothes! It is literally second skin and added bonus; washing it off is a breeze as well.

After a full day of grocery shopping and running errands this past week, I detected zero smell. This is honestly the body odour product of my dreams and my inner goddess is yodelling from the top of mount glorious and her aura is sparkling like diamonds.

I haven't noticed any sweating either which had become such a nuissance in my new postpartum life but finally I've found some relief. Now if only I can roll this on over my face and décolletage, I'd be all set. Jokes aside, I give this product two thumbs up for it's toughness on odour and perspiration while having the most soft and sweet scent, having the ability to dry quickly, stay undetectable and wash off easily.

Fresh Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant C$25 at Sephora

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